Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Multi-Family Update Homestretch

The PLUNC Commitee held its first of two planned open houses yesterday to discuss the Multi-family update in the community-at-large. In marked contast to last years open house "Townhouses: Can the Patient be Saved?", this forum was sparsely attended - mostly by bloggers, architects, and students from the UW summer studio on townhouse design. CORA members Brandon Nicholson, David Neiman, David Foster and Brad Khouri shamelessly hogged the microphone during the public comment period, comprising four of the five speakers. Not a lively public form, but one that did at least afford the council members time for some Q&A with us.

In addition to attending the public meetings, we’ve been having private meetings with council members to discuss their concerns & questions. We’re developing a brief for their use & will submit it to council in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Hi there. For the record, I'm not a "blogger." I'm a reporter and editor for West Seattle's most-read news source, West Seattle Blog - with the word "blog" (legacy from our origins) meaning nothing more than the format in which we publish). You don't mention reporters as having been there ... I think there was one other journalist on hand, also taking notes on a laptop ... so I'm assuming you included me in the "blogger" umbrella.

    The term "blogger" is really rather useless these days. I wouldn't call you a "blogger" for writing this website - you are an architect who writes/contributes to a blog-format website, I'm a journalist who writes/edits a news service that publishes primarily in blog format, etc.

    Thanks and we look forward to continuing to report on the process. (And please feel free to educate me if/when we need to improve our description of your business!)