Monday, July 20, 2009

White Hat / Black Hat Excercise

After a few weeks of council meetings and presentations the PLUNC committee has reached an impasse.  The legislation is complicated enough that the council doesn't feels comfortable buying off on the idea that it'll do more good than harm.  The proposed solution is to run a white hat / black hat exercise.  They'll have a consultant develop schemes that will show potential good outcomes and another that will try to exploit the code for all that its worth to identify worst case scenarios.  This exercise will help councilmembers get comfortable with the various gating mechanisms in the code & allow them to identify loopholes that need to be closed.  
We've agreed to help them design the study so that they get the most out of the exercise.  For those of you that are worried/convinced that adopting the new code will lead to _________, fill in that blank and send it to me.  I'd like to construct a list of people's worst nightmares to give to the black hatters for inspiration.

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