Saturday, September 27, 2008

City Council responds to CORA megahouse critique

The PLUNC committee met on Wednesday to discuss the megahouse legislation. To see the discussion & the effect that CORA had on the conversation, you can watch the meeting at:

The long and the short of it: They adopted modified language to exempt decks within 36" of grade from lot coverage, and changed the eave exemption from 18" to 36". Certainly not a total realization of what we were asking for, but we did move the ball down the field & it will give us some relief compared to what we have today.

The discussion of the megahouse legislation starts at about 138:00.

Also notable, while study of a future switch to an FAR based regulation was approved by full council a couple weeks ago, the Mayor has said he will not sign it & DPD has said it is not a staff priority for next year (they are not intending to make space on the staffing schedule for anyone to study it).

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